Am I eligible for legal aid?

Are you eligible for legal aid to resolve your family law dispute?

Legal aid is still available for the following areas of family law and you do not need evidence of domestic abuse or child abuse:

  • Social services involvement – if social services are applying for a care order, supervision order or emergency protection order in relation to your children, legal aid is always automatically available.
  • Family Law injunctions – for protection from harassment/domestic abuse.
  • Where the person needing legal aid is a child under 18 who is a party to family proceedings
  • International and domestic child abduction – including to secure an order to prevent the unlawful removal of a child from the UK or to secure the return of a child unlawfully removed within the jurisdiction


Eligibility for legal aid in family proceedings

The Legal Aid Agency will take into account your eligibility for funding based on your income and the strength of your case.

What counts as evidence of domestic abuse or child abuse?

There is a very specific list of acceptable evidence detailed on the government website.

What to do first – Get evidence

Legal aid is not available to help you obtain the evidence itself. You must obtain the evidence yourself then approach us to assist you.

Stage 1

You can download and print sample letters for domestic abuse or sample letters for child abuse.

These samples will assist you to get the proof you need (and this is the only evidence acceptable for legal aid). The letters are tailored for many situations e.g.

  • If you have been a victim of domestic abuse or violence; or
  • Your children have been victims of domestic abuse or violence.

Stage 2

Once you have chosen which template letter applies to you, you can give the letter to the person you are asking to provide evidence e.g. you GP. They should be able to fill in the details for you on letter headed paper/email.

Stage 3

Once you have the evidence book an appointment online for us to assess if you are eligible.

Book a free legal aid assessment

If you are NOT ELIGIBLE for legal aid we offer competitive fees (and fixed fees) to represent your interests.Paying for your legal fees