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Change of Name

At NJP Solicitors we have a team of family solicitors who can assist in change of name applications. We can help wherever you are based and can meet via video link if required.

What is involved in changing your name? Can you change your child’s name?

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Changing a Name

Any adult may generally change their name (first names and/or surname) at any time, and for any reason.

Obtaining a change of name deed

Obtaining a change of name deed is quite a straightforward process. We can prepare the deed for you.

Once the deed has been prepared, it must be signed and witnessed.

Thereafter, if you need to provide any organisation with proof of your change of name you may send the deed, or a certified copy, to that organisation.

Changing a child’s name

Sometimes it may be desirable to change a child’s name, for example when the child lives with the mother and the mother remarries, assuming her new husband’s surname, or where she reverts to her maiden name after divorce. However, there are limitations upon when a child’s name may be changed.

Where a child arrangements order is in force with respect to a child, no person may cause the child to be known by a new surname without either the written consent of every person who has parental responsibility for the child, or the permission of the court.

Otherwise, a child’s name (first name or surname) may only be changed with the agreement of anyone who has parental responsibility for the child (such as the other parent), or a court order. If a parent tries to change a child’s name without the other parent’s agreement or a court order, then the other parent may ask the court to order that the name be changed back.

Accordingly, if you wish to change your child’s name and the other parent does not agree to the change then you will need to apply to a court for an order allowing the change.

Certainly, if you are considering changing your child’s name against the wishes of the other parent, then you should first seek expert legal advice.

The procedure on changing a child’s name is similar to when an adult changes their name, save that the parent signs the change of name deed on behalf of the child.

Getting help

We can prepare a change of name deed for you or advise you regarding the changing of a child’s name.

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